Swelling of your hands: now how do I get my wedding ring off?

Along with swelling of your feet, the fingers in your hand can experience swelling. Occasionally the swelling prevents you from removing your rings. In such a case it is best to attempt removal of your rings in the late afternoon. Usually your hands are swollen in the morning and then, as you are on your feet all day, the swelling leaves your hands and face and goes to your feet by gravitational force.

a. Put cooking oil or liquid KY lubricant under the ring and over your finger.
b. Put your hands over your head or just above your hand so that the veins and lymph channels can drain
c. Try slipping the ring off gently: don’t use force or otherwise more swelling may ensue
d. Worst case scenario: you may have to go to the Jeweler and have the ring cut off
e. Even worst case scenario: do not put them back on your finger later! Put your wedding or other rings on a necklace to be worn.