My Body is Changing Already!

Unbelievably, your body is changing in just a few weeks after you miss your period.

Your breasts are fuller and larger. They are more sensitive if not tender. It is hard to turn in bed or even be hugged.

Your abdomen seems to be a little bigger or “pouchie.” Clothes are snugger. You are going to the bathroom to empty your bladder more frequently (and not just during the day but now in the middle of the night!).

FYI, asking a pregnant woman “if she has to go to the bathroom” is a very stupid question! -- Author

Smells and odors now even more pronounced. Your appetite has changed: you lose your taste for your morning coffee and spicy foods. Most people who smoke quit because of the smell. Your personality may change: there are times when you become emotional: some patients get short with their partners and even start getting annoyed with them!