Most headaches during pregnancy are “Tension Type” headaches. They are caused by muscle spasms of the neck muscles due to your change in posture (your back and neck curvatures) during the pregnancy. Neck massage, hot shower, heating pad and Tylenol are the safest remedies.

Patients with pre-existing migraine headaches may experience an attack during pregnancy. Migraine Headaches frequency is not changed by pregnancy. The usual treatment is bed rest in a dark room. If a patient experiences an “aura” prior to their headache, caffeine products (such as Coke, No-doze™ etc.) may be taken to abort the headache altogether. Imitrex™ (sumatryptans class), verapamil™ (calcium channel blockers or beta blockers) can be used for intractable pain or severe attacks during pregnancy.

Seasonal Allergies

Most antihistamines are safe during pregnancy. Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton, Zyrtec™, Claritan and other antihistamines can be used to treat your symptoms.