Hair Coloring, Permanents and Manicures

It is permissible to use continue to color your hair and get a permanent during pregnancy. The only caution is making sure that the salon is well ventilated. There are many chemicals that are used in your hairdo: without adequate air flow and air conditioning these chemical vapors can be inhaled and theoretically be exposed to your baby (but in minuscule amounts). To be absolutely safe, do the following:

Avoid hair coloring and permanents in the first trimester (1st 13 weeks)

Avoid bleach and ask your hairdresser to use “organic” solutions

Manicuring the nails in your hands and feet is also permissible but again, as above, most of the salons should be ventilated to prevent excess inhalation. The chemical used on your nails are not absorbed by your body and cannot affect your baby.