"Dreams" During Pregnancy

Your dreams during pregnancy can be more dramatic and occasionally frightening. Dreams about your baby and other people in your life become accentuated.

For example, the author was listening to the heart rate of a baby on a typical OB checkup appointment. The author then said to the patient, “the rhythm sounds like my washing machine at home.” The next appointment, the patient told me that I needed to be careful of what I say and “that night after her OB visit she had a terrible nightmare. She dreamt that she was in a horrible long painful labor and when it was finally all over, she had delivered a washing machine!”

All OB patients should be reassured that such disturbing dreams will go away after pregnancy: they will just be changed out for the disturbing reality that parenthood brings you after your baby is born!

Such exotic dreaming is normal: just expect them to be more vivid and accentuated.