Who Knew Learning About Pregnancy & Sex Could Be So Entertaining?

Learn what to truly expect and how to manage the various possibilities of both

From the positive test to the miracle of birth, pregnancy is an exciting, and sometimes unnerving experience. There is a lot of literature available to guide expectant parents through the course of pregnancy, but most are overly technical and omit the personal touch a book on this subject needs to keep readers entertained and informed.

Pregnancy Is a "Real Mother," and "Infertility: When Sex Does Not Work" by author and experienced OB/GYN Jeffrey L. Zweig, MD, is a book intended to prepare parents for the upcoming joys of pregnancy. Through the amusing narration of real-life experiences, this book promises to entertain readers while enlightening soon-to-be parents about what they can truly expect.

See pictures of real patients, nurses and hospital scenes and laugh to amusing displays of human nature while inadvertently learning about what you can expect throughout the course of your pregnancy and on delivery day. Order your copy of "Pregnancy Is a Real Mother" and "Infertility: When Sex Does Not Work" today.

Dr. Zweig has delivered over 8,500 babies over the course of his 40 years as an OB/GYN. During his career, he found that many of his patients had similar questions, many of which could be best answered by recounting the true experiences of previous patients.

His books are intended not to answer every question that may arise, no book can do that, but to address some of the many questions and concerns that come throughout the course of pregnancy. Understanding that many couples do not have the time or inclination to read a lengthy, technical book, Dr. Zweig crafted his book to appeal to all readers through the entertaining account of real-life situations.

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For a fun, yet very informative way to learn about the many things to expect from the positive pregnancy test to the delivery room, order your copy of "Pregnancy Is a Real Mother" and "Infertility: When Sex Does Not Work" today. The true, intriguing stories of situations previous parents have encountered will amuse and inspire you while subtly informing you of the many things you can expect during the wonderful time of pregnancy and sex.

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